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Rovey Sheep on Pasture

Sheep Cheese

 Sheep’s milk is ultra-rich and delicious and sheep’s milk cheese is…well, you just HAVE to try it for yourself! Sheep’s milk cheeses vary from soft to hard and mild to tangy. Sheep milk fat is 25% MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides). These healthy fatty acids are easily digested and not stored in the body as fat. Because it is easily digested it is a great option for anyone with milk allergies. 

Wagyu Ribeye

American Wagyu Beef


For centuries farmers in Japan have been perfecting genetics that focus on meat quality including tenderness, flavor and marbling. This product known as Kobe beef has changed the United States meat game in the last decade. Rovey Family Farms saw an opportunity to bring a quality, local, natural and affordable product to our neighbors. So, we began raising Wagyu cattle in 2009; over the past years we feel that we have perfected the product and are now ready to bring it to you the customer. We hope you enjoy this meal changing product. 


Local Lamb

High quality, great tasting lamb

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